Travel Trailer or Pop-Up Camper

Travel trailers are not motorized and are usually hitched to a tow vehicle and Pop-Up Campers are also towed RVs, but can be collapsed for easier storage and transportation. Both Travel Trailers and Pop-Up Campers can be used for living or lodging when on the road; there are a few other subtypes. Although these types of RVs vary in size, it requires a high level of skill to tow and back up.

Special Coverages

Travel trailer parked at a campsite

Just as you want to be protected when driving in your car, you’ll want protection when on the road with your Trailer/Camper too. However, unlike your auto insurance, Pop-up or Travel Trailer Insurance will give you coverage for recreational vehicle-related misfortunes. These may include covering fires caused by home appliances, driving into low overhangs, or even getting your refrigerator repaired. Highly consider choosing RV Insurance instead of adding on to your current auto insurance policy.

  • Total Loss replacement – If your Travel trailer/Pop-up Camper is totaled, usually within the first 5 years after purchase, you will be provided with a brand new, comparable model. You’ll want this coverage to ensure you’re not losing this expensive investment.

  • Agreed Value Coverage – The expanded Agreed Value ensures that you are compensated the full amount that you originally paid for the travel trailer or the appraised value; this is without deduction for depreciation.

  • Emergency Expenses for Lodging – If you find yourself not able to stay in your travel trailer because it was destroyed or damaged by a covered loss, you will be covered for lodging expenses up to a specified limit. This coverage only applies if you are more than 50 miles from home.

  • Campsite Liability Coverage – This liability coverage is for when you’re using your travel trailer as a residence and is parked at a campsite. If you or someone gets hurt, you’ll be covered with a travel trailer insurance policy, while a general auto policy will not give you liability coverage.

  • Replacement Cost Personal Effects – With this coverage, the insurance carrier pays you the cost to replace personal items that were stolen or damaged by a covered loss. $1000 to $5000 Replacement Cost Personal Effects is usually automatically included in a Comprehensive and Collision coverage. For a minimal cost you can include coverage to protect your personal belongings used in conjunction with your RV.

  • Roadside Assistance – Roadside assistance includes coverage for: towing, flat tire changes, battery service, fuel and fluids delivery, and use of a locksmith.

Pop-Up Camper/ Travel Trailer Insurance 101

travel trailer parked next to lake

Pop-Up Camper or Travel trailer insurance is what you need, not auto insurance, for your RV. Your Camper/Trailer includes amenities and appliances that allow you to make it your home on the road; because of this benefit, you’ll need to insure all of the extras that make a trailer different than your car. You’re essentially getting the same coverage as a homeowner, including: fire, smoke, flooding, or theft. You’re also covered for attached accessories that include TV antennas, Satellite Dishes, and especially awnings.

Choosing the right Policy

Your camper or travel trailer was likely bought within a budget, which means insurance should also fit into that budget so that you’re not overwhelmed with payments. Our trained and certified agents can help you choose an RV Insurance policy that fits within your budget and gives you the coverage that you need.