Toy Hauler

The adventurer in you chose to buy a Toy Hauler because of the fact that there is a built in cargo area for your outdoor toys (ATV, motorcycles, or other sports equipment). With options of a travel trailer or a fifth wheel, you can choose which style works for you best. You can choose the floorplan with more garage space or more living space; you even have the choice of fold-away bunk beds or hide-away tables and seating in the garage space to maximize your living area without sacrificing cargo capacity.

Whatever your choice is for your recreational vehicle, there’s one thing that you should not forget: RV insurance. This will ensure that you can get appliances repaired or even get a full replacement if your RV is totaled.

Get Toy Hauler Insurance to Protect Your Investment

Most families choose the Toy Hauler so that they can bring along their sports vehicles, in a convenient storage area while not compromising on the living space. This means that you have a lot more to lose if an accident or unexpected event occurs, such as a fire. Toy Hauler insurance has specialty coverages that general auto insurance policies don’t cover.

Special Coverages

You’ll want your investment to be adequately protected so that you can have fun on your vacation and not stress out about losing your life savings in one unfortunate event. Below are some coverages that are offered with a Toy Hauler insurance policy. Keep in mind that regular auto insurance policies tend to not offer these coverages, which will leave you exposed to paying for repairs out of your own pocket.

toy hauler with dirtbikes being stored
  • Contents coverage – This covers your personal property and other items in the toy hauler, however your motorized vehicles will require their own insurance policies.

  • Total Loss Replacement - If it’s within the first four model years, you can get a total replacement of your RV/Toy Hauler. This usually applies to only brand new Toy Hauler purchases

  • Agreed value Coverage – Should your trailer be considered a total loss in the event of a collision, fire, or other, this Agreed Value coverage compensates you the amount that you originally paid when you purchased the Toy Hauler; no depreciation is deducted.

  • Emergency and Breakdown Coverage – if you’re more than 50 miles away from your home and the trailer becomes unlivable because of a covered occurrence, your lodging expenses will be reimbursed up to a certain amount

  • Campsite/Vacation Liability – If an injury or property damage happens at your campsite, you can be covered with vacation liability

Choosing the right Policy to Fit your Lifestyle

The investment in a Toy Hauler is an expensive and life-changing decision, don’t let deciding on a Toy Hauler insurance policy stress you out. Talk to an RV insurance specialist to get the best idea of what coverage fits your RV-lifestyle the best. If you have expensive motorized sports equipment as cargo on your Toy Hauler, make sure that you ask the specialist about insuring those properties as well.