Snowmobile Adventures

With 1.3 million registered snowmobiles in the U.S. and 58,299 new ones sold in 2015, you can see how popular the use of this off-road vehicle is. The snowmobiles we have right now have come a long way from the first Model-T modification in 1913. On average, higher-powered snowmobiles can reach more than 150 mph; the standard models typically are driven between 70 to 100 mph.

Snowmobile Adventures

At speeds that fast, there are risks involved from bodily injury to damaged snowmobile. You want to make the most out of your investment for years to come, but accidents aren’t foreseeable and are not always preventable. Getting Snowmobile insurance to protect your investment is a wise decision; it will give you peace of mind as your out on the track and feeling the fresh air on your face.

Getting the Right Protection

Your auto or motorcycle insurance will not suffice for protecting your snowmobile as they are built to drive on different terrains and pose different risks. They won’t protect you for certain property damage and may not protect you on certain terrains. General Auto and Motorcycle Insurance will leave you vulnerable to paying for repairs or medical bills out of your own pockets.

Coverages Available for Snowmobile Insurance

Snowmobile insurance coverage options can vary by state and some insurance carriers may not even offer it in certain states. Here is a quick look at what coverages are available:

snowmobile riding through the forrest
  • Bodily injury and Property Damage Liability – When the operator is at fault, this coverage protects against financial obligations for bodily injury and property damage. It may even cover legal expenses if a lawsuit is involved.

  • Guest Passenger Liability – This is a separate optional coverage that would pay for a passenger’s injuries, if the operator of the snowmobile is the cause of the accident.

  • Collision – Collision covers damage to the Snowmobile due to impact with another object or person.

  • Comprehensive - The comprehensive part of your Snowmobile insurance policy will cover loss caused by events such as theft, fires, vandalism, or other unforeseeable things.

  • Uninsured or underinsured Motorist – The passengers and operator of the Snowmobile is covered if they become injured in an accident that is caused by someone who doesn’t have insurance or not enough.

  • Medical Payments – This optional coverage pays for medical costs for the insured, family members and other passengers of the snowmobile.

Get Help in Making the Decision

There are different requirement varying from state to state and that makes it a little more confusing to choose the right Off-terrain insurance policy. You should talk to a Snowmobile Insurance Specialist who is trained to understand your needs and make the appropriate recommendations to give you the coverage you need within your budget. Speaking with a knowledgeable agent helps you get the customized and correct policy that is right for your lifestyle, whether you go one season a year or use it year-round.