Recreational Vehicles

Whether you’re driving across the country or just upstate, you’re about to explore a whole new world in your RV. The heart for exploring has been around since the beginning of time and our generations are no different. Though not as elaborate, the first mass-produced recreational vehicles were built in 1910. People were able to travel anywhere they wanted, but there weren’t full kitchens or bathrooms in these early models.

Today, we see RVs ranging from simple to ones that expand to the size of a studio apartment that costs more than $1 million dollars. It’s a life-changing investment, not just because of the adventures you get to have, but also because of how much you invest in it.

Get Protected with RV Insurance

RV camping with family

If you’re spending your retirement money or life-savings on an RV, you want to be sure that your investment is protected with RV insurance. This is not just an added coverage to your existing auto insurance policy, it is highly recommended that it be specialized RV coverages to make sure that you have every possible incident covered. The general auto insurance carrier may cover for certain damages, but they don’t allow for events specific to RVs, such as when you drive through a low overhang or if your stove catches on fire. An RV specific insurance policy will cover you for these instances.

Specialized Coverage

With Specialized RV Insurance coverage, you have these options below to add onto your policy:

RV driving through canyon with bikes on rack
  • Purchase Price coverage – This is typically offered for New RVs and extends to 5 years after purchase. If your RV was stolen or in a major accident, you can receive full reimbursement, protected from depreciation.

  • Personal Property coverage – Since the RV is like your second home on the road, you have valuable and personal belongings inside. This covers your personal valuables, unlike regular auto insurance. Protection for items valued higher than the covered amount can be purchased for an additional premium.

  • Full-timer’s coverage – If you live in your RV, full-time, you can get insured like a homeowner would. This can range from protecting your personal property, to ensuring liability insurance if someone gets injured on your campsite.

  • Campsite liability – If you or someone gets injured at your campsite, this part of the RV Insurance policy covers you for those medical bills that may be incurred.

  • Emergency Expenses – When you run into a situation that requires you to find lodging elsewhere because of a covered loss, your expenses will be covered if you are more than 50 miles away from home.

  • Golf Cart Coverage – Often times, people travel with a golf cart to get around campgrounds. If your golf cart gets damaged on campgrounds, this covers the loss or damages.

Helping You Make the Right decision

This can be a tough decision, whether you’re an experienced RV-er or a new one. We have trained and licensed, Specialty RV Insurance agents ready to help you choose the best policy to fit your needs for on the road or even during storage. Don’t hesitate to ask about anything you're concerned about before you hit the road; you don't want to wait until it’s too late.