Personal Watercrafts

Couple having fun riding a jet ski in the water

A Personal watercraft is a recreational watercraft that allows a rider to stand or sit on top. Speeds can reach up to 65+ mph, depending on the horsepower of the watercraft. Some models can carry up to 4 passengers and has different maneuverability depending on the style and design. Personal watercrafts are a high-risk watercraft, as the riders are so exposed and vulnerable to injury at high speeds; this is why Personal Watercraft (PWC) Insurance is a necessity if you are an owner of one.

Insuring your Big Water Toys

Though a PWC is more affordable than other water crafts, it’s still a big investment that you wouldn’t want to take a loss on. By getting PWC Insurance, you are sure to be covered for any loss or damages that might happen to or because of the personal watercraft. PWC Insurance covers you on land, water, on the road and when it is in storage too.

Coverages Available to You

There are different coverages that are available to you to protect your investment. These coverage options include:

  • Total Loss Replacement – This coverage lets you replace your totaled Personal Watercraft with the newest model or a comparable one, if unavailable
  • jetski with two girls riding though ocean
    Uninsured/Underinsured Personal Watercraft Coverage - This bodily injury coverage will provide for medical treatment costs, loss of income, and other losses or damages incurred because of a boat accident, when the responsible boater does not have Liability Insurance.

  • Medical Costs – If you get injured while operating your craft, medical bills will be covered. If the other party is injured and you are at fault, your PWC Insurance will cover their bodily injury costs and possibly legal fees if you are taken to court

  • Actual Cash Value - This coverage will provide compensation, determined by the market value and condition of the boat at the time of loss.

  • Disappearing Deductibles – If you have avoided the need for making a claim, your Comprehensive and Collision Deductibles will be reduced by 25% for each claim-free renewal period.

  • Towing Assistance – You’ll be covered for getting your watercraft out of the water if it breaks down

  • Liability Coverage– Water Skiers or Wake boarders that use your watercraft and become injured are covered in your PWC Insurance policy with this coverage

  • Replacement Cost Personal Effects – Any personal items that were lost or damaged by a covered loss will have replacement costs covered

What is Not Covered under PWC Insurance?

There are a few regulations for PWC Insurance; things that likely won’t be covered in your policy are listed below:

  • Modified watercrafts made to increase speed and performance

  • Operation of a watercraft after it gets dark

  • Driving a Personal watercraft without having a driver’s license

Get Started

Every insurance coverage need is different because of lifestyle and budget, but a PWC Insurance specialist will be able to find the policy that fits you best. Talk to a specialist to figure out what coverage you should be adding to your policy, before you get out on the water for some high-speed fun.