Off-Road Vehicle

Off-Road Vehicle

The dirt bike is most commonly associated with Motocross, a Europe-originated sport. It’s not an easy motorized vehicle to ride and is nothing like learning to ride a bicycle. Beginners often find themselves falling off the bikes or even crashing into trees as riding the dirt bike requires experience to figure out how to maneuver it smoothly.  That’s not to say that experienced riders won’t have accidents at all.

As a newbie or professional rider, Dirt Bike Insurance is a good idea whether you’re on a motocross track, off-road vehicle (ORV) park, or private trail. On the slower end, a dirt bike can get up to speeds of about 45 to 50 mph and on the faster end, it can accelerate up to 125 mph with some models being even faster. 

Protect your Dirt Bike

dirtbiker riding on farmland

A lot of things can happen to your dirt bike, even if you meticulously maintain it there are external factors that you can’t control. A branch might fall on your parked bike, a faulty bike part hasn’t been discovered or another rider on the course makes a fatal mistake that impacts you. Whatever the case may be, Dirt Bike Insurance can give you financial coverage for expensive bodily injuries and property damage. There are different coverages available to you, not all policies are designed the same because everyone’s sporting style is different.

Giving you Dirt Bike Insurance Coverage

Dirt bikes are a type of motorcycle and will typically have the same coverage as motorcycles. The difference is that Dirt Bike Insurance is not required, except in 3 states. The coverages that you can customize in your policy are as follows:

  • Bodily Injury and Property Damage Liability ­– This gives you liability coverage for other’s injuries or property damage caused by your bike

  • Collision and Comprehensive – Collision and Comprehensive coverage protects your dirt bike investment from events that may cause damage to the bike, such as: fire, theft, and vandalism. It also covers you for damages that your dirt bike may receive due to impact with another object or person.

  • Medical Payments – If you don’t have Medical Insurance, this could cover you for yours or your passenger’s injuries caused by the insured dirt bike.

  • Accessory Coverage – Additional coverage for custom parts and equipment added to your bike can be added to your policy. In most states, Comprehensive or Collision Motorcycle Insurance should cover you up to $3,000 for accessories

  • Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist – If an accident was caused by another party that is uninsured or underinsured, this covers the operator’s and/or the passenger’s injuries

Getting Started

Although most states don’t require you to have insurance for your dirt bike, it would give you peace of mind knowing that you won’t be losing a big investment in one lousy accident. Motocross is a sport that is more prone to causing injury, so you’ll want to be prepared for that as well. Talk to a motorcycle or a Dirt Bike Insurance Specialist to customize your policy to best fit your needs and budget.