Insuring your Dream Boat

Two men fishing on a fishing boat

If you finally get to own your dream boat, you want to make sure that you’re covered for any damages that can happen on the rough waters or even when it’s docked. As the waters are so unpredictable, you can count on the fact that there will be risks. Whether you have a sailboat, house boat, or a powered electric boat we can find the right policy to fit your Boat Insurance needs and budget.

An added coverage to your homeowner’s insurance policy will not be nearly enough to cover all of the possible risks that comes with owning a boat. It doesn’t matter if you take the boat out once a year or if you live on the boat, you’ll need insurance to protect your investment.

Coverages for Your Boat

We can find you the right Boat Insurance policy for any type of boat. Homeowners’ insurance will not give you the coverage that you need to protect your investment. Your coverage for personal watercraft insurance, include the following options:

  • Total Loss Replacement – This coverage will pay for a replacement of your destroyed boat, under a covered loss, with the latest model of your boat or a comparable one.

  • Agreed Value Coverage – The Agreed Value Coverage will compensate you for the amount that was originally paid to buy your insured boat. No deduction for depreciation and no deductibles are applied.

  • Uninsured boaters Coverage – This bodily injury coverage will provide for medical treatment costs, loss of income, and other losses or damages incurred because of a boat accident, when the responsible boater does not have any or not enough liability insurance.

  • Actual Cash Value – This coverage will provide compensation for your totaled vessel, determined by the market value and condition of the insured boat at the time of loss.

  • Disappearing Deductibles – If you have avoided the need for making a claim, your Comprehensive and Collision Deductibles will be reduced by 25% for each claim-free renewal period.

  • On-water Towing and Labor – Your costs for towing and labor will be reimbursed with this coverage

  • Fuel Spill and Wreckage Removal – As a boat owner, it would be your responsibility to clean up any fuel spillage and getting the wrecked vessel out of the water. Make sure to have this coverage so that you won’t have to be paying for this out of your own pocket.

Of course, this isn’t a comprehensive list of coverages that are available to you as a boat owner; you can see that there are things that only Boat insurance will cover and homeowners’ insurance will not.

Get Insured Now

Boat docked on lake

Boats are a whole different type of vehicle as the waters are completely out of our control. Many risks are involved, ranging from minor damages to the boats to fatal injuries caused by boating accidents. For every possible situation on the water, you’ll want to know that you’ll be protected and won’t be burdened with expensive repair or medical bills. Talk to a Specialized Boat insurance Agent to determine which policy is best for your budget and boating lifestyle.