About ATVs

ATV stands for all-terrain vehicle; they are typically 3- or 4-wheeled and travel on low-pressure tires. These are not highway-legal vehicles, as they are designed to be driven off-road. ATVs are usually built in two styles: for a single operator or an operator and a passenger. ATVs are also designed with size in mind; youth models are designed for those with smaller hands and feet, but travel at a slower speed.

ATVs on trailer in the desert

Certain models of ATVS are designed to be multi-purpose machines, which can be used for off-roading fun, farming, or even hunting. There are differences such as a gearbox for farming tasks, camouflage for hunting or an extra seat for a passenger. These vehicles have come a long way from the first design by Honda R&D, Ltd. In 1967, but they have always been a pretty expensive investment.


person riding on atv

Whether you’re a rancher, hunter, or simply having fun, your ATV is an investment that you don’t want to lose. By getting ATV insurance, you’ll be on the trail with peace of mind. ATV insurance is usually required when you are driving on most state-owned property.

Homeowners’ Insurance policies won’t cover your ATV once it leaves your property nor will auto insurance. You’ll want something that covers you on the trails as well as when it’s in storage and not in use.

Coverages Available

ATV Insurance will get you covered for the things that won’t be covered in auto insurance or homeowners insurance. Since these vehicles are multi-purpose, they pose different risks that need to have specialized coverage in. These are some of the coverages that will be offered to you in an ATV insurance policy:

  • Liability Bodily Injury & Property Damage – This combined liability coverage protects you from having to pay out-of-pocket for others’ bodily injuries or property damage due to use of the ATV

  • Guest Passenger liability - Some insurance carriers may offer this as an additional coverage. It would cover injury to a passenger when the driver of the ATV is at fault

  • Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist – If an accident was caused by another party that is uninsured or underinsured, this covers the operator’s and/or the passenger’s injuries

  • Comprehensive and Collision– The comprehensive part of your ATV insurance policy will cover loss caused by events such as theft, fires, vandalism, or other unforeseeable things. The collision covers damage to the ATV due to impact with another object or person

  • Medical Payments – This optional coverage will pay for medical expenses for injuries of the insured, family members of the insured, and passengers on his/her ATV, if they are injured in a collision. If struck as a pedestrian, the Medical Payments coverage will also pay for the injury expenses.

Talk to a Specialist

ATV Insurance Specialists are trained and certified to assess your needs and make the best recommendations to give you the coverage you’ll need for your adventures. Talk to an ATV Insurance Agent for a new policy or to see if your current policy needs to be updated with other coverages.