Fifth Wheel

Fifth wheel RV Insurance - fifth wheel driving down the road

When choosing a travel trailer, you have a few different options. One of those options being the Fifth Wheel, sometimes called “Fivers,” which gives you maximum space for a trailer. The fifth wheel is designed to be towed by a pick-up truck, with a master bedroom built into the front forward section above the truck bed making it a two-floor plan. These fifth wheels can also have up to five slideouts giving you even more space to live on the road.

One mistake that new buyers can make, at purchase, is not correctly matching truck to trailer. The size of the truck isn’t always the way to gauge it; the power of the truck is what matters here. A result of this error might be something as simple as slowing you down with the extra weight or as much as breaking gear if the supporting truck bed isn’t strong enough.

Protecting Your Investment with Fifth Wheel Insurance

In the case that something does break on your Fifth Wheel or truck, you won’t be wanting to pay more money to fix it on top of your already huge investment. Car insurance policies don’t come close to covering all that you need for recreational vehicles. Getting Fifth Wheel insurance is a wise choice that will give you peace of mind on the road.

Specialty Coverages

As a recreational vehicle, you’ll need specialized RV insurance for your Fifth Wheel. Adding a comprehensive coverage to your auto insurance policy will not suffice because it will be leaving out a great deal of incidents that can happen with a Fifth Wheel trailer. Here are a few things you can get covered with Fifth Wheel insurance:

5th wheel being pulled by truck
  • Total Loss Replacement – Your totaled Fifth Wheel will be replaced with the newest model, or if it’s not available, you would get a comparable model. (Only available for brand new RV purchases and good for the first 5 model years.)

  • Agreed Value Coverage – The agreed value coverage compensates you for the full amount that you paid for the Fifth Wheel, without depreciation deductions taken out

  • Emergency Expenses – If an accident occurs or some other unfortunate event that makes your trailer unlivable, under a covered loss, your lodging expenses will be covered up to a specified limit. Coverage only applies if you are more than 50 miles from home.

  • Vacation Liability coverage – When your Fifth Wheel is parked and used as a residence, accidents and injuries can still happen, this gives you coverage you in those events.

  • Comprehensive Coverage – You get protection from almost everything that can damage your RV, including: theft, low overhangs, landslides and vandalism. Unlike auto insurance, your attached accessories (awnings, ladders, antennas, etc) will also be covered.

  • Towing and Roadside Assistance – When your trailer is stuck on the road without gas or from a breakdown, your towing costs are covered. If you don’t need towing, roadside assistance also includes: fuel delivery, jump starts, flat tire changes, and locksmith services.

  • Full-time Coverage – With this coverage you get a policy that is similar to a homeowner’s insurance policy, in that you receive liability coverage and your personal properties are covered. We can cover your personal items used in conjunction with the RV as well as extend coverage to items kept in a secured storage facility.

Making the Right decision

Policies are unique to your RV-ing lifestyle, whether you’re a part-time or Full-time RV’er. The list above isn’t everything that you can add to your policy. Talk to a certified Fifth Wheel insurance agent to see what else you can be covered for before you start your travels.